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Cleanmaxx robotic vacuum cleaner with remote control Smart Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner Purple
+ 1 battery hand vacuum cleaner per device for free as long as stocks last !!
Allow vacuuming – fully automatic
Vacuuming was never so relaxed: with the “cleanmaxx” vacuum cleaner Smart Plus, you can now start vacuuming fully automatically! Switch on and lean back!
Equipped with a clever sensor system, the nimble helper cleans smooth floors and carpets completely independently and without knocking on walls or furniture. Even stairs and heels pose no danger to this electronic vacuum robot; it recognizes them in good time and avoids them. Thanks to its compact design, the “cleanmaxx” vacuum cleaner Smart Plus even sucks under furniture without any problems. The integrated HEPA filter ensures clean exhaust air. Set the desired operating time by remote control. If the battery life runs out, the “cleanmaxx” robot Smart Plus automatically moves to the charging station and is ready for use again after just three hours. Even the annoying Staubbeutelnachkauf deleted thanks to easy to clean dust container. It does not get any easier – a clean solution for cleaning muffle!

Technical specifications:
• Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 9 cm
• Weight: 2.9 kg
• 100 minutes operating time
• Three hours of battery charging
• Power: 30 watts
• LCD display
• Includes remote control with timer function
• With Hepa filter for clean exhaust air
It is B-Ware, i. repaired machines. These items will otherwise have no or possibly visual defects that have no effect on the functionality of the item. The products were tested by the manufacturer.

Article number 00044083850 / 05RO
Quantity 500 pieces
Minimum quantity 28 pieces

Mix pallets, pallet goods, household goods, household appliances etc.TV – goods
• Remaining Stock Special items Mix pallets Returns super goods.
• From a dissolution the following TOP-Ware can be delivered:
• 100 mix palettes brimming with great items. Everything has to go, we need space. The pallets can be visited in Cottbus by appointment. The sale is “as seen”, lists are not available. The goods are from the fields, electronic and non-electric household goods, well sorted and very high quality (no guarantee).
Minimum quantity 5 Pal.

Article number: 00002516875713 / RH03
Quantity 100 Pal. (Subject to prior sale)

CLEANmaxx Vacuum robot 2 in1 automatic vacuum cleaner with floor cloth wiping function
Sucking & wiping in one operation – fully automatic!
• Fully automatic robotic vacuum cleaner with additional wiping function
• Compact design – also cleans under furniture
• For almost all floors
• With easily replaceable microfiber bottom cloth
• With sensor-controlled navigation
• Easy to clean dirt container
• Powerful battery for up to 1 hour of use

The twice practical household helper for clean floors!
With the “CLEANmaxx” robotic vacuum cleaner you can do your floors twice at home thoroughly – and above all fully automatically! Just switch on the compact household helper and sit back! Where conventional vacuum robots usually only vacuum, the “CLEANmaxx” suction robot 2in1 wipes with a gentle microfibre floor cloth. Equipped with a sensor-controlled navigation, it works independently through your rooms – for up to one hour. Thanks to its compact design, the “CLEANmaxx” vacuum robot even sucks and wipes under furniture. Even the annoying Staubbeutelnachkauf as classic vacuum cleaners eliminated thanks to dust container. Incidentally, this can be emptied just as easily as the microfibre floor cloth can be attached and replaced – comfort down to the last detail! It does not get any easier – a clean solution for cleaning muffle!
Technical specifications:
– Material: ABS, PP
– Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 33 x 33 x 10.2 cm
– Power: AC adapter (100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz), Including lithium-ion battery (7.4 V, 14 W, 1800 MAh)
– Scope of delivery: 1 vacuum robot, 3 floor cloths, 1 power adapter
– Notes: This appliance is intended for vacuuming ordinary house dust on carpets and hard floors. It is only suitable for private use indoors and not for commercial use. The device is not suitable for plush / high pile carpets.

Under no circumstances should you vacuum the following things:
– liquids or wet substances
– glowing ashes, cigarette butts, matches etc.
– chemical substances (for example acids, cleaning agents)
– flammable or flammable substances
– very fine dust (eg concrete dust) or toner
sharp, hard objects, e.g. larger pieces of glass
Article number 0001109 / JR
– B – goods

– Quantity 850 pieces
Minimum quantity 100 pieces

New special offer Aldi REWE Penny DISCOUNTER very good A- B – C GOODS MIX pallets Remainders
Height per pal. approx. 170 – 190 cm
all current goods from the fields
Living and decoration
domestic appliances
car Accessories
Mobile phone accessories
Pet Shops
Sports & Outdoor
Article 00044083849/0207 / B Quantity total 65 Pal.
Minimum quantity 5 Pal.
Discounter Resto. CLEANmaxx shirt blouses Aldi Lidl household appliances A – B – C mix
Discounter Restp.CLEANmaxx shirts- blouse iron Aldi Lidel home appliances
With the shirt and blouse iron, you can not only flatten your shirts and blouses within a short time, but also gently dry them in the same operation. Simply pull the machine-slid shirt or T-shirt over the balloon body of the “CLEANmaxx” shirt and blouse and fasten with the enclosed clamps. Then set the timmer to the desired duration, and the balloon inflates and at the same time gives off heat to the garment. So z. B. a shirt within a few minutes much gentler than dried in a tumble dryer and smoothed almost wrinkle-free! For shirts, blouses, T-shirts and dryer suitable sweaters suitable. Easy installation. For almost all dress sizes. 1800 watts. Dimensions: 58.5 x 16.2 x 100 cm
RRP 129.99 € and the discounter from 79.99 €
– A – B – C return
– Amount. 500 pieces
– Minimum quantity 45 pieces / 1 pallet

Article no.
000300118 / JR

Special offer Discounter GOURMETmaxx Thermo-Multikocher Deluxe 10in1 1500 W in white / black
With extensive accessories and scales
Modern cooking is so easy today!
o Versatile multifunction food processor
o Elegant and compact design
o Prepare, prepare and cook in one
o Various cooking and mixing functions for easy operation
o 2000 ml stainless steel container
o Numerous functions: stirring, mixing, cooking, steaming, emulsifying, chopping, pureeing, whipping, weighing, crushing

The all-rounder for your kitchen!
The “GOURMETmaxx” Thermo-Multikocher Deluxe is the versatile kitchen talent that must not be missing in any household! Thanks to the numerous functions you now only need a food processor to prepare, prepare and cook. This saves you a lot of manipulation and processes a variety of foods quickly and easily. Whether it is stirring, mixing, cooking, steaming, emulsifying, chopping, pureeing, whisking, weighing, crushing – all cooking and mixing functions can be adjusted easily and individually. Thanks to the integrated scale, you can win the most delicious dishes in an instant. Thanks to the adjustable mixing speed and cooking temperature, food can be boiled, cooked and kept warm in the large stainless steel container. Modern cooking is so easy today!
Technical specifications:
– Material: PP, ABS, P ES, stainless steel
– Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 44 x 30.5 x 50 cm
– Capacity: 2.0 l
– Power: Heating: 1000 W, Motor: 500 W
– Delivery: stainless steel container, 2 pcs. Steam cooking attachment and lid, stainless steel blade, stirring attachment, spatula
– Notes: This device is suitable for mixing, mincing, pureeing, heating, cooking and steaming food. This appliance is not a fryer. Do not try to fry foods with the appliance.
– A – B goods
– Amount. 500 pieces

Aldi REWE Penny DISCOUNT AWARE MIX pallets Remnants virgin

  • Item number: 00044083849/0508
  • Status: A-Ware
  • Special Mixed Item A-B goods from overproduction.
  • Top Current goods ideal for special markets, Ebay ……. each pallet contains 300-400 parts clothing, men, women, children Houseware (everything can be) a lot of good brands here
  • massage tables
  • Console Games
  • Garden Product
  • Electrical appliances
  • Sheets
  • Tablecloths
  • Bags
  • Tools
  • Stationery Shop
  • energy saving lamps
  • Toys
  • candles
  • carpets
  • duvets
  • DVDs + CDs
  • Minimum order 5 Pal.
Special pallets B-Ware super Ware AEG Multimedia
  • item number: 17102013/ar1495
  • Quantity: 2313 pieces
  • Only fully charge!

VE 40

Special DIY Electric Fireplace
  • item number: 0201
  • It is an A-B-C goods Mix

VE 40

Neuware Paletten direkt vom Discounter, sehr gute Sortierung
  • item number: l0301nil
  • Quantity: 70 pallets

The range speed ca. 300 – 400 parts from all areas.

Special discount Returns housewares Lidl super Goods
  • Item number: 27092012 / TN33
  • Volume: 100 pallets
  • Guaranteed unaudited household goods, returned goods, and new products.
  • Goods state ABC Mix
  • Minimum order 5 pallets !!!
MIX pallets household appliances / Household / Electric
  • Item number: 00001516875777/113101
  • Volume 100
  • There are electrical and small household appliances in very good assortment.
  • All returns and trading returns a German manufacturer this u.a.Mixer, vacuum cleaner, oven, grill, toaster, etc. Much of the merchandise is in its original packaging.
Special DISCOUNT MIX pallets Remnants technology Textiles Toys
  • Item number: 00016874769/2508
  • Volume 250 Pal. (Date)
  • Mixpaletten a Dutch discounter from excess inventory / product changes / conversions – directly from the shelves of large discount stores, new goods or B- products with light packaging damage
  • The product is in almost all areas such as technology – textile – toys – household – sports -. Garden
  • There are about 300 parts per PaletteVK min. 1500 to 2000 € !!!
  • Minimum Quantity 5 Pal.
Special Mix Palette Returns super Ware
  • Item number: 00001516875777/13A
  • Volume 100 Pal. (Date)
  • CORSO Overstock Mix Palette Returns super goods.
  • From a resolution following TOP-goods can be issued:
  • 100 Mix pallets packed with great articles. Everything must go, we need space. The pallets can be visited in Cottbus by appointment. The sale is “as is”, lists are not available. The goods from all areas, well stocked and very high quality (Retour-Ware, no guarantee).
Children impeller “First Move” with rear brake colors Returned Goods
  • Item number: 00700/0610
  • Volume 300 Pal.
  • In-depth information about the impellers:
  • – powder-coated steel frame with ball bearings
  • – 12 “wheels with EVA tires
  • – fenders front and rear of PP
  • – Grips of TPR with Ø 40 mm safety end
  • – Children’s rear hand brake (V-Brake)
  • – handlebar with overdrive stop
  • – Sattel with polyester coating and PE foam
  • – construction Dimensions: 86 x 44 x 61 cm
  • – Handlebar height adjustable from 56 to 60 cm of steel, polyester, PP and PE plastic Lenkerpolster
  • – saddle height adjustable from 36.5 to 46 cm Weight: approximately 3.6 kg Maximum load capacity 35 kg
Special DISCOUNT return MIX pallets Remnants
  • Item number: 15253350185/09.10
  • Volume 100 Pal. (Date)
  • Mischpaletten TOP RETOURE of Tepanjaki Grill to Grundig flashlights, scanners and more.
  • CORSO Overstock Mix Palette Returns super Ware from a resolution following TOP-goods can be issued:
  • 100 Mix pallets packed with great articles. Everything must go, we need space. The pallets can be visited in Cottbus by appointment. The sale is “as is”, lists are not available. The goods from all areas, well stocked and very high (Retour-Ware, no guarantee).