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Remaining stock Discounter Towels Towel Set Aldi Lidl Palletware

Towel 100% Cotton 50×100 cm 420 gsm 10 colors / pattern

Color selection is random.
Product changes reserved

Article no. 003289101 / HD
Quantity 9000 pieces
Minimum quantity 500 pieces

Special Offers Restposten Mixposten Leisure Clothing Brand new item (ADIDAS, NIKE, PUMA, High Peak, u.v.a.)

The goods are brand new, original packaging and with labels
They are goods for women, men and children
Quantity 20 packs
4 VEs = a pal. = About 300 parts
Special Offers Restposten Mixposten Watches and similar brands as Esprit, Fossil, Playboy and much more

It is an insolvency item of new commodity but it was delivered as B – commodity as some packaging is corrugated or damaged. The goods are definitely undamaged.
Minimum quantity 500 pieces
It can be natural that some batteries do not work.
Article-No .: 0001902 / 01KB

Special appliance kitchen appliance known from TV Advertising

Gourmetmaxx food processor 3 in 1

• Planetary for efficient kneading, stirring, mixing
• 10 speed levels
• Mixing bowl and essays dishwasher safe
• rubber foot to prevent slipping
• 500 Watt

The ‘Gourmet Maxx’ food processor 3 in 1 is your strong partner for baking and cooking! Quick and easy stir so cake batter and knead it thoroughly, beat cream and egg snow stiff and prepare u.v.m. soups, sauces, purees to.
Just use whatever attachment and choose between 10 different speeds. The electronic control system and the planetary mixer to ensure a uniform and thorough processing.

• With dough hook, stirring and whisk attachment in stainless steel
• For cake, purees, egg snow, cream, sauces u.v.m.
• Incl. large mixing bowl (about 4 liters) with splash
• Delivery possible in the colors red, green and white only mix

Item number: 0209/695 / JR
Total 1000 pieces
Minimum order 60 pieces

Discounter Lidl Aldi Singer Iron

Minimum order: 400 pieces
Condition: A-Ware
Artikel-Nr.:000281014/241 SIH
SNG 7:24
Singer Iron 2400 Watt
vertical steam
Soleplate of stainless, brushed steel
Open strap top
SNG 9:26
Singer Iron 2600 Watt
LCD electronics for monitoring temperature and steam
Automatic shut-off / 3-speed auto-stop
Drip stop
SNG 7:26
Singer Iron 2600 Watt
Anti-calc system
tap water suitable
Soft-touch handle
Cable Clip
360 ° movable cable joint
Special housewares Bosch
Article number: 000 10103/0902

Quantity: 1150 pcs 15-17 pallets.

Product: Household Bosch

Condition: A – B – C Mix

– Iron with station
– Tasimo coffee
– Blenders
– Electric kettle
– Filtrino more.

The goods will be sold only if you take all!

Big Lots microwaves from discounters

Item number: 000 10155/1802

Quantity: 400 pcs.

Product: Microwave Sharp & amp; different brands

Condition: B – C Mix

microwave Sharp
– 20 liters Touch Control
– 800W microwave oven
– 11 Power levels
– 6 auto cook menus
– 2 Express Defrost menues
– Car minute start
– Easy clean interior
– Child safety lock

microwave logic
– 20 L Capacity
– 800W Microwave Power
– 1000 W Grill Power
– 11 Power Levels and 9 programs

Special air conditioners
Item number 000 10140/1602
Quantity: 100 pcs.
Product: Air Conditioners United
Condition: A goods
Televisa ART-12
– Cooling Capacity: 3000
– Voltage 220 – 240V – 50Hz
– Power: 1400 W
– Dehumidifying capacity (L / hour): 2.0
– Timer: 24 horas
– Remote control: SI
– Dimensions (width x height x depth) (mm) 510 x 830 x 425
– Airflow (m³ / hour): 450
– Weight (kg): 35
Orbegozo ADR 67
– Description of Product: Air Conditioner
– Model: ADR 67
– Voltage / frequency: AC220-240V – 50Hz
– Input power (Cooling / Heating): 900 W / 900W
– Current input (Cooling / Heating): 4 A / 4 A
– Cooling capacity: 2.6 kW (9000 B.T.U)
– Dehumidifying capacity: 1.8L / Hour
– Coolant: R-410A, 440g (GWP 1975)
– Timer: 24 Hour
– Dimensions (W) X (H) X (D): 43.5 cm X 77.0 cm X 43.0 cm
– Weight: 30.5 kg
– Operating Temperatures (Indoor / Outdoor 5 ° C – 35 ° C / 5 ° C – 42 ° C)
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Items housewares discounter returns and new products
Item number: 000 10133/1502

Product: Household Goods 33 mixed pallets Full Container

Condition: B – C -Ware

Description: Household goods / Mix

Included might be: food processor, vacuum cleaner, iron, blender, air heating, kettle, toys, mincer u.v.m.

Special Appliances
Item number: 0001710201/1210

Quantity: 500 Pieces

Only fully charge!

New Special Appliances BBQ, Vacuum cleaner, ironing station Solac B – Retour.

Item No. Description Quantity

312,639 SOLAC Sensor Evolution ironing system 250

316,865 SOLAC convection oven 19L A12 NORM 76

316,866 SOLAC grill and convection oven 26L A12 NORM 73

320,647 SOLAC compact ironing station New Evolution 49

325246 SOLAC Antiscale cartridge Set of 2 03

335,824 SOLAC table grill 1800 watt 02

342,988 SOLAC grill and convection oven 19L A12 NORM 30

353,523 SOLAC Apollo Compact II – vacuum cleaners 17

Special Mix notebooks unaudited returns Computer Discounters
Item number: 00023619/0711 AR
Quantity: 2500 Pieces
Minimum order: 200 pieces
Condition: Untested RetoureBei this commodity is Retoureware, but also partly to B-Ware from the following categories:
MODEL: mix / All A brand products.
All minimal Pentium 4 and faster (Core / Duo / Centrino etc etc) No power supplies!
As the notebook is unaudited returns there are no lists parts!
Special Appliances Multimedia super Goods from discounters
Item number: 0001911 / IL 12
Quantity: 2500 Pieces Minimum order: 200 pieces Condition: Untested Returns
Trek & amp; fitness
-as well as multimedia
‘Chopper 260 W
FUNK – travel clock
‘Chopper 260 W
TALKING ALARM CLOCK and a lot more on each pallet are 200 parts
Special diapers of Bravo
Item number 0020131909 / AR

Minimum Order is 20 FT Container

Mini (Size 2) 0.095 €

Midi (Size 3) 0.095 €

Maxi (size 4): € 0.105

Junior (Size 5): € 0.105

All prices plus shipping costs

1 Bag for all sizes is 40 diapers.

1x 20 FT container is around 3500 bags – 4000 bags, that’s means: around 140,000 diapers – 160,000 diapers

Special handbags and belts super Ware Palettenware

Item number: 20130911 / AR
5,500 women’s handbags PU material and some in leather. Dimensions: 45×30-27x20cm

Various models photo examples 70% A 30% B-Ware.

In addition still 50,300 Mr. Belt Material PU

Different lengths A-Ware.

Only Gesamtgabnahme 20 range possible!

Special Multimedia LENCO A – B Mix LED TV, DVD player, etc.
Item number: 14082013 / A
Lot 3348 pieces
Only complete delivery!
This item is no list is available. This is an A – B mix of very good assortment. Pricing on request.
Special Multimedia of DENVER A – B Mix LED TV, DVD player, etc.
Item number: 15082013
DENVER Total: 4,495 pieces
Only fully charge!
There is no list of these items. Price on request.

Discounter Sonderposten 5000 Electrical Equipment Home Multimedia for € 4.95 / piece
Item number: 00009074395 / 1513AR
Special 5000 Electrical Equipment Home Multimedia for 4.95 / piece.
Only fully charge!
There is no list of these items. These are unaudited returns directly from the manufacturer. It may be as this:

Disco ball, lamination machine, toaster, coffee machine, electric juicer, kitchen scale, steam duck, Lint, heating pads, infrared massage, Fan, Iron, steam brush, compressed air tube cleaner, headset, Mini Massager, All sharpeners, DVD players, projection clock, steam iron.
No guarantee and no refund.

Sonderposten Markenware von LEGO Schulranzen, Rucksack 6 tlg. Set
Mindestabnahme: eine Pal.= 32 Stk.

Lego Schulranzen Set 6-tlg.

– Serie Supreme, 6 versch. Designs

– Serie Active, 6 versch. Designs

Immer nur sortenreine Designs je Palette !

Remnants discounters toilet seat with soft orange or strawberry toilet seat New goods
Quantity: 500 Pieces

Toilet seat with soft orange or strawberry
Toilet seat MDF with tangy orange motif and practical lowering system. A slight nudge and the open toilet seat automatically and quietly descends to its closed position. Fits most usual standard WCs.
– 3-sided printed
– Fits most standard toilet
– With practical lowering system
– Approximate dimensions: 44 x 37.5 cm
– Including mounting hardware
– VE48

Very nice special – Post sanitary fittings bathroom furniture range, new goods (28 pallets)
Item number: 01001 / AR
– 230 vanities
– 1 mirror box with light
– 92 large fixtures
Factory price is € 72,500.00
With us an absolute bargain price !!!
Everything is brand new in new colors. Very very nice !!!
Sales only as a complete post
– No Retail!
Stock Holland.
Special socket power strip 4p brand Brennenstuhl
Special Original “Brennenstuhl” – Power Distribution 4-fold; New in original packaging + Sales Presenter
– Yellow 4p socket in the trendy design lemon with on / off switch
– 4 earthed sockets 250 V ~ / 16 A in a 45 ° arrangement, ideal for connecting multiple angle connector
– Self-closing protective cover including Parental Control.
– Flexible connection cable 1,5 m
illuminated safety switch –
– TUV / CE
Lots unused. Retour elec. Tools hammer drill, circular saw, cordless drill, miter saws, etc.
Item number: 000180912 / gr
Electronic tools, unaudited returns, about 80% in original carton in the rest neutral or without packaging. Orders please indicate in kilograms (kg).
Volume 24000kg
Minimum order 2500Kg
Special flannel textiles / clothing
Item number: 229 / sto
Small quantities on request
– Flannel shirts to post price !!
– Lumberjack shirts long arm; flannel
– Many different checkered colors; each in polybag
– Thick, fluffy goods 100% cotton
– Sizes: M-XXL; 1 pack = 72 pieces
Item Input Alarm Window and Door Alarm A – Goods

Item number: 0959153900 / 1004A
Volume 2000

Window and Door Alarm A – Ware Friedland MA2, and MA3 input alarm Mixed Lot with window and Türalarn encoders of “Friedland”
– Feels the windows vibrating in burglary attempt
– Installation directly on the window by Adhesive
– 2 sensitivity settings
– Batteries contain (LR44)
– Not suitable for outdoor use
– Integrated siren of 90 dB (A)

Remnants stretch film / packaging film 45cm 300m
Item number: 000290611 / 0504st
Volume 5 Pal.
– Hand stretch film for stretchwrapping packaged goods.
– Dimensions: 450 mm, 300 yds
– Quality: 17 my
– Roll weight: ca.2,11 kg + 0.3 kg Core
– Colour: transparent
– Palette: 198 rolls / rollers 6 under packed in carton
– Minimum order 2 Pal
Special Remnants garden furniture 9 pcs.
The item consists of:
1 x Rectangular Table
3 chairs
2 x 3-seater bench
3 x 2-seater bench
Only fully charge!
This is B – Ware (original packaging is missing)
Jukebox jukebox Multi Media CD MP3
Item number: 09073875/10020
Volume 500
Table jukebox classic design with CD / MP3 playback, radio and remote control. The housing of the juke box is made of laminated plywood, the bezel of plastic elements. With a built-in switch button allows the front light in style on and off.
– Table jukebox classic design
– Integrated on / off switch for lighting
– Playback mode for MP3 and audio CDs (supports CD / CD-R / CD-RW)
– Player Functions: Program Memory (20 titles), repeat 1 / all, Shuffle Play
– Radio with AM / FM receiver
– Mains operation (power cord 180 cm]
– Delivered with remote control (2 x AAA batteries not included)
– Dimensions (WxDxH) approx 26 x 16.5 x 38 cm
Post a truck full DIY goods Tool doors Sanitary Ware Radiators
Item number: 000290611/2608
Description is a field of approx.28 Pal. partially double-Pal. (Counts as a) building goods from all sectors of the construction market, there are doors, frames, towel heaters, sanitary ware, aluminum mosquito nets, tools and ……
The item is only complete when indicated is virgin and to Kundenretouren
Road salt 25 kg
Item number: 3695 / 9:10
Volume 100 Pal.
prepared for the winter 1 pallet = 40 bags = 1000kg neutral packaging without imprint Super Super Special Price Sold only in Pal. form
Road salt Road salt free 7 kg bucket prices incl. Home delivery

Item number: 000290611/2011
Icing road salt-7 kg bucket good, rough quality 72 pcs. Per Pal. from 33 Pal. free House

Electric motors Ek-306
Item number: 03456 / 10.10
Volume 100 tonnes
Electric Motors Various sizes about 10% 500 V rest 380 V / 400 V 100,000 kg
Only total loss
Special Remnants Baumarkt NEUWARE TOOL MIX – BOX
Item number: 00004083849/1910
Special Tool – virginhigh Lagerauflösung New Special from sales campaigns from different vendors tools and artisan accessories including electro tool while absolute bargain prices. Everything New in original packing or retail blister
Box a 200kg minimum amount or as desired to 500kg. each box