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Special Items Power Tool – Customer Returns / Returns Pallet Goods A / B / C Mix Ware Hand Tools Electric / Gas Saws, generators, drills, etc

Special item Power Tool – Customer Returns / Returns A / B / C Mix Ware Hand Tools Electric / Gas Saws, generators, drills, etc.
These are unsorted pallets with tools from the following areas:

Drills, rotary hammers and screwdrivers
Cordless screwdriver
Circular saws
Chainsaws (gasoline and electric)
Hedge trimmers (petrol and electric)
Generators / Power Create
Hand, table and table saws
Net operated hand and boring machines
Angle grinder, high-pressure cleaner and so on.
Spare parts and accessories of o. A. Products etc.

Sale by weight
Minimum order 1 pallet
Pallet weight per pallet is between 400 – 600 kg.
Article no. 00251012 / 2405N

Stocklots of special goods Pallet goods Hardware stores Lawn mowers, power tools, garden tools

Large special post with Baumarkttretouren with electric garden tools.

Full pallets with electrical gardening equipment such as lawnmowers, garden shredders, lawn trimmers, leaf vacuum cleaners, electric roses and other electr. Articles is about hardware store
ungep. Returns as A / B / C mix
The shipping costs depend on quantity and distance
Unproven returns, directly from the hardware store discount.

The goods are only delivered in pallets

Sale runs, only while stocks last.

Article no. 00001516875777 / 07N

Minimum order 5 pallet

Restposten Special offers Construction market Battery impact drill 18 V

Using : drill / impact drill
Neue Ware
Item number: 0001306/FR
quantity je Pal. 470 Stück
quantity je Pal. 90 Stück
Special tool multitool known from TV Advertising
easy!mann Muti Tool

Multi-tool motor unit, flexible shafts, milling circular, edge milling and hand sanding … plus 40
teiluges accessory set and mounting accessories.

B – Goods
Item number: 0209/02 / JR
Total 1000 pieces
Minimum quantity 100 pieces

Petrol power generator generator emergency generator Generators Generator

Quantity: 100 Pieces
Swiss Power SK 1800 power generators
Suitable for sensitive matters,
The inverter technology allows you a 100% Stable current flow and voltage
Quiet and so usable also for home use and in markets
Easy Starter Technology
Very compact and durable
Low fuel consumption
voltage Regulator
Technical specifications:

  • Output: 220V – 50Hz
  • Power: NOM.1.5 KVA MAX.2.0 KVA
  • Engine: 1.1 KW / 1.5 HP 2-stroke engine
  • Petrol: Unleaded
  • LWA: 74-94 DB (A)
  • ABM: 505 x 360 x 440 MM
  • Weight: 18 KG
Pressure Washer Kärcher gasoline 5.5 ps / 3600 U / min 163 cc virgin

Item number: 09102013 / AR 165
– Condition: New / A-Ware
– Availability: 600 pcs.
– Immediately Available
– Open to the in-house
– Black / Red
Technical specifications:
Maximum power: at 4.0kW / 3600 rev / min
Operating speed: 3400-3500 r / min
Tank capacity: 3.6 liters
Fuel: unleaded gasoline
Engine: OHV 4-stroke gasoline engine, air-cooled Displacement: 163 cc
Special tool different virgin
SKU: 0002102 / nt
Hand & amp; Power Tools
– Swiss power set of 2 18V cordless screwdriver case including accessories.
– Swiss power set of 2 24V + 230V pneumatic hammer drill, SDS
– Chuck, 2nd Battery + accessories in case
– Swiss power 1800W 165 bar high-pressure cleaner
– Power Tech Germany 120 tlg- creaking boxes tool
– Power Tech Germany 199 pcs. Professional tool case incl. 18V cordless screwdriver
– + Battery LED lamp
– Power Tech Germany 186 pcs. Alu Tool Trolley
– Power Tech Germany 130A welding machine
Remainders Hardware Special Discount returns power tools and lawnmowers

SKU: 0014434 / 1005K
Quantity: (Date) 275 parts
Big special discount returns with electric garden tools and lawn mowing.
– Circular saws, jig saws, electric screwdriver, multi-tools and lawn mowers and hand grinders
– Unaudited returns brand Kingcraft, directly from the manufacturer
– Many devices with only slight drawbacks and largely in original packaging
– The item consists of 275 parts of 4 Pal. only complete delivery
Baumarkt return chainsaw gasoline Kraftech XLE -5200 3.5 hp / 45 cm TOOL

Item number: 000290611/0510
Volume 100
Chainsaw Kraftech Germany 3PS / 45 cm
Chainsaw Kraftech Germany 3PS / 45cm chainsaw Kraftech Germany 3PS / 45 cm Powerful chainsaw with unbeatable 3PS!
– Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke and air-cooled.
– Displacement: 52cc. – Power: 2.2 kW (approx 3PS).
– Fuel mixture ratio: 25: 1 (gasoline / two-stroke oil).
– Fuel tank capacity: 550ml. – Engine oil tank capacity: 260ml.
– Sword length: 18 inches (45cm).
– Size 410 x 235 x 265mm (excluding grip and sword).
– Weight 7.5 kg (net). – CE Mark
This is an unaudited return items
Workbench foldable, H = 79 cm, B = 64cm virgin
Item number: 0004084539
Volume 290
Workbench foldable, H = 79 cm, B = 64cm virgin
Description Workbench foldable, H = 79cm, B = 64cm virgin workbench is quickly established, TÜV save space and GS approved