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BRATmaxx ceramic pans frying pans granite optics 5tlg Discounter Remaining stock

BRATmaxx ceramic pans frying pans granite optics 5tlg

The granite design for the luxury kitchen!
Design pans in granite design ceramic coating inside & outside
Soft-touch handles in elegant wood look
Beading-off effect: no burning, no sticking
Cooking almost without oil and fat
Induction base for optimal heat distribution and heat storage
Suitable for all types of cookers
Suitable for ovens up to 150 °C
Ø 20 ,24 and 28 cm + 2 pan protectors

Every piece is unique!

Cook and impress your guests at the same time! The "BRATmaxx" ceramic pans with their noble soft-touch handles in elegant wood look are the luxurious accessory for your kitchen! The granite design inside and out makes the pans a real feast for the eyes. Thanks to their unique structure, the "BRATmaxx" ceramic pans look as if they were chiseled out of a single stone. Just like in the wild, sometimes even artistic nature, each pattern is unique and each pan becomes a unicum! However, the "BRATmaxx" ceramic pans do not only convince by their exquisite appearance: Fry your food now as if on a hot stone! The ceramic coating with beading-off effect makes oil almost superfluous during preparation. Grease and frying residues literally roll off - nothing will burn here so quickly. The soft-touch handles combine ergonomic operating comfort with a pleasant feel. The stainless steel induction base ensures even and energy-saving heat distribution with long heat storage - for best frying results and maximum energy efficiency.

- Pan material: ceramic coating, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic
- Material pan protector: Polyester
- Dimensions: 1 pan: Ø 24 x 5.5 cm; 1 pan: Ø 28 x 6 cm; 1 serving pan: Ø 20 x 5 cm
- Scope of delivery: 3 pans, 2 pan protectors
- Clues: The pans are designed for preparing food on all common types of cookers (gas, electric and induction). Oven suitability: Pan with handle up to max. 150 °C, pan without handle up to max. 240 °C. The pans are not suitable for microwaving. Suitable for all types of cookers, also induction.
Item no.
A - Goods
Total quantity 350 sets
Minimum quantity 70 sets

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Special item pallet goods GOURMETmaxx 05460 Nutrition Mixer Pro, Stand mixer for hot and cold food, 12 piece set,1200 W


Vitamin-friendly heating without cooking!
Smoothies and soups made from fresh fruit and vegetables are very much in vogue - and are just as quickly prepared in the "GOURMETmaxx" Nutrition Mixer Pro as cocktails, milkshakes, desserts, sauces, dips or purees. With its 1200 watt motor, it chops, crushes, purees, grinds, mixes and blends almost anything that comes its way with super-sharp cross blades. The clever heating function also allows vegetables to be heated gently without boiling - ideal for delicious vegetable soups. Using the "GOURMETmaxx" Nutrition Mixer Pro is extremely convenient thanks to the digital control panel with 2 speed levels (fast and slow) and 6 preset programs for chopping, grinding, heating, egg crushing, pureeing and smoothies. Cleaning is also a snap: almost all accessories in the 12-piece set are dishwasher-safe (except blades, ice bucket and motor unit).

Technical data:
- Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, tritan, AS, ABS, silicone
- Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 21 x 17 x 17 cm (only the motor unit)
- Power: 1200 W, 230 V, 50 Hz
- Scope of delivery: 1x motor unit, 1x cross blade attachment, 1x mixing bowl with lid (500 ml), 1x mixing bowl with lid (1000 ml), 1x ice cream container, 1x mixing bowl with lid for soups (1200 ml), 1x to-go bowl with lid (600 ml), 1x cross blade attachment for soups
- Clues: The appliance is intended for mixing, stirring, grinding, chopping, pureeing and heating food. Food can be stored in the mixing cup. Cable length: approx. 71 cm

Item number 0001406/17JR
Quantity per pal. 60 pieces
Total quantity 500 pieces
Minimum quantity 1 pal.
B - Goods

Gourmetmaxx Multi Fryer and Fondue Set 2in1 Deluxe kitchen appliance from the TV commercial

Fast, practical & versatile - for delicious pleasure!
- 2 in 1: Space-saving deep fryer, also suitable for fondue!
- Aluminium inner pot approx. 0.9 l
- Temperature infinitely variable from 130 ° to 190 °C
- Exchangeable odour/grease vapour filter in the lid
- Incl. fondue attachment ring and 6 skewers
- Insulated housing for safe handling
- 840 watts

Technical data:
- Power: 840 watts
- Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18,5 cm
- Capacity approx. 0.9 l
- Material: aluminium, plastic
- Scope of delivery: 1 deep fryer, 1 frying basket, 1 frying handle, 1 filter, 1 fondue attachment ring, 6 fondue skewers
A - Goods
Item number: 0806/01/JR
Total quantity 500 pieces
Minimum quantity 70 pieces

Gourmetmaxx Nutrition Mixer 11-piece set


Nutrition Mixer Set 11 pieces

by TV Our Original
Smoothies simply mixed by yourself
7 functions:
Mixing of cocktails, fresh smoothies
Mixing of dips
Crushing of parmesan, nuts USW:
also for etc.
incl. lid for storage and on the way
max. 19,000 revolutions per minute
Power : 700 Watt
also for cocktails, milkshakes, desserts, sauces and dips as well as many other dishes and drinks
Scope of delivery :
mixing cup 700 ml with cross blade attachment and flat blade attachment
mixing cup 350 ml
To-go lid
Shaker lid
2x freshness retaining lids
condition : new, original box

Item number 00021032017/JR

Special item Gourmetmaxx Juicer Vitamin Star kitchen appliance known from the TV commercial

Fruity pleasure, quickly mixed by yourself!
- Your delicious vitamin kick - simply homemade!
- Electric juicer with extra fine stainless steel sieve
- Juice collecting container for 300 ml

GOURMETmaxx Juicer
- Compact dimensions - ideal also for small kitchens
- All removable parts dishwasher safe

Enjoy the full taste of fresh fruit! With this practical and versatile juicer you can conjure up the ultimate freshness and vitamin kick from oranges, apples, mangoes and many other fruits and even vegetables. Simply pour in fruit, close the lid, switch on and everything will be juiced fresh and delicious in no time. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the juicer is also ideal for smaller kitchens and can be stowed away to save space. After use, the "GOURMETmaxx" juicer Vitamin Star can be cleaned quickly and easily, because all removable parts are dishwasher safe. Treat yourself to the fruity fresh juice pleasure every day!
1. chop & fill in fruits
2. switch on the juicer
3. enjoy delicious fresh juice!

- Power: approx. 400 Watt
- Dimensions: approx. 29 x 20 x 26 cm
- Material: stainless steel, ABS

A - Goods
Item number: 0209/03/JR
Total quantity 1000 pieces
Minimum quantity 100 pieces

Special item floor vacuum cleaner known from the TV commercial

Cleanmaxx bag vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner floor vacuum cleaner bag vacuum cleaner 700W Blue 9

Product features

- Energy efficiency class (from A to G): A
- Average annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 26
- Sound power level (in dB): 78
- The power package with extra low consumption!
- High-efficiency engine technology for maximum suction power
- Energy-saving and particularly quiet
- Specially developed vacuum cleaner nozzle for power performance

Scope of delivery:
vacuum cleaner, suction hose, telescopic tube, 2 in 1 combi floor nozzle, brushes and upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle & holder

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A - Goods
Item number: 0209/03/JR
Total quantity 1000 pieces
Minimum quantity 25 pieces

Special items kettles, irons New goods

Item number: 595/695/AR
Quantity 14 000 Irons
Quantity 3300 Kettle

Domestic appliances Microwave, vacuum cleaner, kettle, hair dryer, deep fryer and steam broom

Item number: 0001802/nt
Minimum order quantity per article: 100 pcs.
- Kettle 1,8L 2.000W
- Hairdryer 1.250W
- Deep fryer 1.500W 2L
- Microwave oven 1.800W 20L with grill
- Vacuum cleaner with bag 1.800W
- Vacuum cleaner 1.800W without bag with HEPA filter
- steam broom 1.500W

Pet baskets with canopy

Item number: 04085814/0501
Quantity 200
Pet baskets with canopy made of polyester.
- Dimensions approx. 46 x 48 cm
- foldable
- several designs

Residual item special item stainless steel cooking pot 10l pot

Item number: 0004075992
Quantity 1000 (subject to prior sale)
Cooking pot made of high quality stainless steel with a capacity of 10 litres including glass lid. The stainless steel cooking pot has a diameter of 24 cm and is equipped with an energy-saving 3.5 mm aluminium sandwich base.
made of high quality stainless steel
energy-saving 3.5 mm aluminium sandwich base
inclusive glass lid
diameter 24 cm
Capacity 10 litres
Suitable for all types of cookers (except induction)
PU 32

remaining stocks lot espresso machine different models coffee machines

Item number: 000102201100/0310
Quantity 300
Remaining stocks lot espresso machine different models coffee machines return
Today we have again a special offer for you Solac Mischposten espresso machine different models as unchecked returns The prices in the trade are between 100,00€ - 150,00€

Silicone baking tin Cake tin Christmas tree Christmas

item number: 001298543
Quantity 400 (subject to prior sale)
Silicone baking tin Cake tin Christmas tree Christmas
Description Silicone baking tin cake tin Christmas tree Christmas original packed silicone baking tin with a length of about 26 cm width ca.20cm (type Christmas tree). suitable for temperatures from -40 to +230