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Mixpalette, household goods, kitchen equipment from discounter and branded companies usw.

Article number: 00001516875713/ RH01

  • Quantity 100 Pal. (Subject to prior sale)
  • Restposten Special items Mix-Palettes A-B-C Returns super merchandise.
  • The following TOP merchandise can be delivered from a resolution:
  • 100 mix-pallets full with great items. Everything has to get out, we need space. The pallets can be viewed in Cottbus by appointment. The sale is “as viewed”, lists are not available. The product is from the ranges, electronic and non-electrical household goods, well sorted and very high quality (no guarantee).
  • Minimum order quantity 5 Pal.
Mixpalette, houseware, tools, kitchen appliances discounter

Article number: 00001516875777/2707MÜ

  • Volume 66 Pal. (Date)
  • CORSO Overstock Mix pallets returns super goods.
  • From a resolution following TOP-goods can be issued:
  • 66 mix-pallets packed with great articles. Everything must go, we need space. The pallets can be visited in Cottbus by appointment. The sale is “as is”, lists are not available. The goods from all sectors, electronic and non-electrical household goods, outdoor, baby & toys, tools, well stocked and very high (Retour-Ware, no guarantee).
Discounter Lidl Aldi returns MIX Pal. Household electrical appliances Multimedia
Article number: 000101112/02 LG
Minimum order: 5 pieces
Quantity: 70
Remnants discounter Lidl Aldi MIX pallets Electric. Devices.
These are household electrical appliances in very good assortment. It is an A-B- C returns unaudited. All returns and trading returns. A very good mix consisting of: mixers, vacuum cleaners, halogen open, grill, toaster, etc. Much of the merchandise is in its original packaging
1500 parts of electric and Multimedia returns A-B-C mix discounter Aldi Lidl

Article number: 00020146789 / 0912AR
Minimum order: 1500 pieces
Condition: C-Ware

A complete list of the individual items on request!

Lots DIY tool returns 24 Pal.Kompressoren etc.
Article number: 0959153900/2903
mixed handyman tools in the Palette’s all in the field of tools, it could include e.g .: compressors, pressure washers, electric garden shredder, Cape u. Gehrungrunssäge, drills, Sägekettenschärfgerät submersible pumps etc. it trades around unaudited returns, only fully discharge, 24 Pal. brimming height ca.170cm a complete truck because of the high weight
Quantity: (Date) 24 pallets
Coffee “café Diretto Cuisinier Exclusive”

Article number: 00001516875777/0310
Volume 300 (Subject to prior sale)
Coffee “café Diretto Cuisinier Exclusive”
230V 1400 Watts Black
The coffee machine can both make coffee with coffee, as well as brew coffee with the addition of coffee powder. Alternatively, can prepare a cup or two at a time. Description Coffee “café Diretto” 230V

  • Stylish design
  • Removable water tank
  • Barer claimed subject locking mechanism
  • Display for Brühbereitschaft
  • Indicator off switch
  • Water level indicator
  • Automatic shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Technical details:

  • Operating voltage 230V
  • Power 1400W
  • 2.5 bar pressure the nozzle
  • 15 bar pump pressure
  • 1.5 liter tank with water capacity for about 10-12 cups is unaudited returns goods, VE (Package) 36